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Dumper Truck Hire FAQs

There are common questions that frequently come up when people are considering hiring dumper trucks. What follows are some dumper truck hire FAQs. It won't be possible to answer every question surrounding this issue and it should also be noted that there are a wide variety of practices in the industry. The following answers are meant to be general and should not be considered as being definitive.

Why hire when you can buy?

If you are using a dumper truck on a regular basis then it may be cost-effective to purchase your own. For most people though, it just does not make business sense to invest money in this way. When you own your own dumper you will need to store it and keep it maintained. It will also depreciate in value over time. Renting makes sense because you only need to pay for the machine when you are using it. You can rent the exact dumper you need to suit each job and send it back when you are finished.

What type of dumper should I hire?

This will always depend on the type of job you want to use the dump truck for. If you want to move a lot of material quickly then you might consider something like a rigid dumper. If you are only moving small amounts then you might only need a pedestrian powered mini dumper like the muck truck. If you plan on moving larger loads in rough terrain then you will probably need something like an articulated dumper truck. You should always think carefully about your exact needs before choosing a dumper to rent.

Can anyone operate a dumper truck?

The answer to this question is probably no; the only exceptions to this being something small like a muck truck. Most dumper trucks require highly skilled operators because of the inherent dangers in these machines. A qualified operator will have received training in health and safety and will be aware of the instabilities of these trucks and how to manage this. They will know how to load and unload the dumper truck safely and how to manage in different terrains and weather conditions. Any driver you use should be experienced with the particular type of dumper truck you intend to use; for example the ability to handle a rigid dumper does not mean that the person can cope with an articulated dumper.

How do I find a reputable hire company?

It is good if you can get a recommendation from somebody else with experience of renting dumpers. Always make sure that anything you hire is well-maintained and in good working order. Keep in mind that the cheapest quote doesn't necessarily mean the best one; check for things like the availability of customer service.

Above are just a few of the most common dumper truck hire FAQs. If you still have questions then you should approach your local supplier of hire dumpers. They will be able to answer questions specifically to your needs.

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