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Dumper Truck Training

The demand for dumper truck training

The dumper can be found on almost every construction site around the UK. This truck is used to transport waste and building materials such as gravel and sand. A dumper truck is a highly versatile piece of machinery that is able to work in a wide variety of different terrains. Expert drivers who can competently operate a dumper truck are well respected because it is known to be a highly skilled job. There are usually plenty of work opportunities for those people who are trained and experienced in this line of work.

Why is dumper truck training required?

Training is recommended for anyone wishing to operate this type of machinery. This will not only ensure that the driver has the knowledge to get the best from the dumper, but more importantly that they avoid doing anything that would compromise safety. A dumper truck can be very dangerous if not operated properly; the most vulnerable time for the driver and machinery is when the trunk is being tilted. The individual driving these trucks needs to understand all the safety regulations and be able to conduct daily inspections and some maintenance. The driver must also meet all statutory requirements.

What is the content of dumpster truck training?

Anyone operating this machinery will need to know how to load and unload the truck as well as all the relevant safety training. They also need to be fully versed in the capabilities of the machine. Dumpster truck training will include the following;
  • Maintenance of dumpster trucks
  • An understanding of the regulations as they apply to the use of this machinery
  • Understanding potential dangers of using the machinery and how to avoid these dangers
  • Knowledge about assessing loads
  • How to carry out machinery inspections before commencing work
  • Understand the causes of instability in the trucks
  • Understanding how to move loads safely
  • Knowledge about how to get the best from the dumpster in different conditions
  • Knowledge about how to manage different gradients in the terrain
  • Preparing the truck for travel on public roads
  • Knowledge about other relevant legal requirements
When and where to find courses

This training is offered in a variety of locations around the UK. If there are a number of applicants from the same construction site then it may be possible to provide training on the job. The course can last from 1-5 days depending on the experience of those attending the training. The CPCS red card can be awarded for completion of training.

Some final thoughts about dumper truck training

Drivers who are in charge of a dumper truck need to have a high level of skill because of the difficulty associated with operating this machinery. Training can provide a firm foundation, but it takes a lot of experience before an individual is skilled at operating this type of truck. It is for this reason that the most sought after driver will be the one who not only has the correct training, but also plenty of experience.

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