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Dumper Truck Hire

Why hire a dumper truck?

Dumper truck hire is often necessary if you require moving large amounts of waste or other material from one location to another. These trucks are most often equipped with an open box at the front that is hydraulically operated so that it can tip forward. They are usually used on construction sites and are particularly useful for moving things like gravel or sand. When deciding to hire a dumper truck you will need to decide if you just need the truck alone or also a driver to operate the machinery.

Do you need to hire a driver?

Operating a dumper truck is not an easy task; these are extremely difficult to manoeuvre and are potentially very dangerous. This is why it is vital that only a skilled and properly certified driver is allowed to operate this type of truck. When you consider dumper truck hire you should always first consider who is going to operate this machinery. If you don't have somebody qualified already on your payroll then you will need to hire a driver.

What to consider when deciding to hire a dumper truck

If you are going to hire a dumper truck then you need to ensure that you are dealing with a reputable supplier. It is vital that any truck is fully serviced and well maintained. If you are going to be hiring a dumper truck driver it is important to check their credentials before allowing them to commence work. Here are some more things to consider in regards to dumper truck hire.
  • You need to determine the size of the job you are planning and select the appropriately sized dumper truck. You don't want to waste a lot of money on a dumper truck that is too big for the job. Sometimes it is more cost effective to make multiple trips using a smaller dumper truck.
  • Ask around for a recommendation as to the best place to hire in your local area. Speak to people on other construction sites. If you can't get any recommendations this way you can contact one of the more well-known national dumper companies and see if they can recommend something locally.
  • Make sure you fully examine the dumper truck before accepting it. It is important that however is doing the inspection knows what to look for. If you notice any wear and tear to the machine you need to make sure that this is noted. You don't want to be given a bill for damages to the dumper truck that was there when you received it. If the machine has any damage that could interfere with its operation do not accept it.
Dumper truck hire can make construction and other projects a lot easier so long as you follow the above recommendations. Never accept second-rate or poorly maintained machinery and don't consider allowing anyone but a qualified driver operate your dumpster. Failure to follow this advice could not only lead to a financial loss, but also put people's health and safety in peril and put you legally liable for damages.

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