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Types of Dumper Truck

There are many types of dumper trucks on the market so you will need to know a little bit about what is available before deciding to hire or buy. These different dumpers each come with advantages and disadvantages which we will look at here. If you make the effort to choose the correct dumper it will likely save you a lot of time and money. We will now examine the different type of dumper trucks that you are likely to come across.

Rigid dumper truck

  • This truck can manage huge loads; up to 280 tons.
  • They have rear wheel drive and are capable of good speeds on roads.
  • The rigid dumper is very durable.
  • Does not perform well on rough terrain
  • It is a lot larger than other dumpers so needs more storage space and room to manoeuvre
  • Does not perform so well in extreme weather conditions
Articulated dumper truck

  • It is very versatile
  • It can manage well on difficult terrain
  • The ADT will not be able to handle loads as heavy as the rigid dumper can manage
  • It requires a highly skilled driver because of the coupling system between the cab and the rear trailer. This dumper can be very dangerous if operated by someone who isnít experience with the machine.
Tracked dumper

  • Works well in very uneven terrain and where there is a lot of mud
  • Causes less damage to the ground
  • It can operate on steep inclines
  • It is believed to be safer than most other dumpers
  • It flattens the ground as it goes along thus making it easier for other vehicles.
  • It can keep on working even in really bad weather
  • The tracked dumper is more expensive to buy or hire
  • It carries smaller loads then the bigger dumpers
10 ton, 6 ton, 3 ton, and 1 ton dumpers

  • These dumpers each offer pros and cons, but generally you have to choose between weight capabilities and manoeuvrability. The 1 ton is very nimble but you will have restrictions on how much you can carry. The 10 ton can handle a lot of weight, but doesnít offer the same amount of manoeuvrability as the lighter models. Some of these dumpers can be obtained with swivel skips which increases their manoeuvrability.
  • These dumpers cannot carry the same weight as the rigid dumper or even the articulated dumper. They canít cope with extreme weather or uneven terrain as well as a tracked vehicle.
Mini dumper/ Muck truck

  • These are pedestrian operated and are easy to use
  • Can get to places that no other dumper could manage
  • Can deal with up to 10 times as much weight as a wheelbarrow
  • They are good at what they do, but for moving large amounts of materials over any distance they are not ideal.
Above are just some of the different types of dump truck available. Take some time to choose the best one for you, so that you get the most out of these machines.

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