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1 Ton Dumper Truck

The 1 ton dumper is the one to choose if you are only dealing with relatively small loads or are working in a place where space is limited. Its small size means that this dumper can get to places that other dumpers couldnít possibly manage. It can easily manage side alleys of houses and it also has the advantage of not needing much room to turn. The swivel skip only adds to the versatility of this vehicle.

The 1 ton dumper can perform well on rough terrain; the four wheel drive can provide plenty of traction. These dumpers are small but they are built to take a lot of abuse and should prove reliable in most instances. So long as you donít overload them these vehicles are ideal for jobs involving filling skips or dumping materials over walls.

If you are thinking about renting or buying a 1 ton dumper then there are some questions you should be asking yourself.

Will the 1 ton dumper be able to manage the job you have planned?

It is always important to fully assess the job before deciding on what dumper to use. If you are in a rush to get a project finished, and it involves moving huge loads, then the 1 ton dumper might not be the best choice. If you are going to be working in really muddy or uneven conditions then even with the four wheel drive this small dumper might struggle and you would be better off with a tracked vehicle.

Will the 1 ton dumper be cost effective?

You need to think about operating costs and fuel. Do you have a driver who will be able to operate this vehicle? Will you need to hire an operator?

Should you rent or buy your dumper?

Even the 1 ton is a bit of an investment and if you are only going to be using it off and on then you are probably best advised to rent. Renting means that you donít have to worry about storage and keeping the machine maintained. If it breaks down you can expect the hire company to have it fixed.

How will you get your 1 ton dumper to the site?

The 1 ton isnít really suited for driving on roads and they donít tend to be very speedy; you can expect something like 10 mph. If you are hiring a machine some companies will deliver and collect. Others will expect you to sort this out for yourself. Luckily this machine is small enough to arrange transport on a trailer, but you will need to consider how you are going to be moving it around before hiring or buying.

Is the 1 ton safe for anyone to use?

It is highly recommended that anyone using a dumper should be trained and certified. Even this small machine has the potential to cause a lot of damage if handled inappropriately. Any operator should be fully aware of all the potential dangers inherent in these machines and be aware of all health and safety regulations.

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