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Skip Loading Dumper Hire

A skip loading dumper can make projects easier and less labour intensive. They are particularly suited to those jobs where a lot of material needs to be moved to a skip. The skip loading dumper is quick and convenient but only when operated by a competent driver.

Steps to take if considering skip loading dumper hire
  1. Consider your needs. There are a variety of different skip loading dumpers available for hire. You donít want to waste money on a dumper that is not up to the job nor do you want something that is beyond your needs. The size of the dumper will greatly increase the cost of hire. Paying for a large expensive model might mean fewer trips to the skip but it still might not prove to be cost effective. It is usual to hire the driver and dumper by the day so sometimes it pays to hire the cheaper model.
  2. Decide if you need a driver. If you donít already have an experienced skip loader driver in your business then you will almost certainly have to hire one. These machines can be extremely dangerous if not handled correctly. It will also take an expert to get the most out of these machines. Make sure you have sorted out a driver before arranging skip loading dumper hire; most of these hire companies can also arrange a driver. Any driver attempting to use the equipment must have a full license and should have qualifications.
  3. Always deal with a reputable hire company. Make sure that you are clear about the prices before signing anything and examine any contract for hidden costs. Many hire companies will expect you to provide your own diesel for the dumper. You will also need to consider safety equipment for the driver if it is not supplied.
  4. Consider where you are going to store the dumper. This is not the type of machinery that you want to leave unattended on a construction site with no security.
  5. Ensure that the machinery is in full working order when you receive it and make certain that even slight damage to the dumper is noted on your receipt. If this does not occur it would be easy for the company hiring the equipment to claim that the damage occurred while you were operating it. Make sure that somebody with knowledge of skip loading dumper checks it over before you sign a receipt.
  6. Make certain that all safety regulations are followed while the skip loading equipment is being used for your project. Insist that the driver completes a full machinery inspection each time before beginning work.
      Above are just some of the things you will need to consider prior to and during your skip loading dumper hire. It is important that you donít ignore these steps or it could mean big financial costs and endangering the lives of people working on your project. Remember that it is recommended that only a fully qualified operator should use these dumpers.

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