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3 Ton Dumper Truck

The 3 ton dumper can be obtained with a swivel or straight skip. This vehicle is good for managing most tight spaces; especially if you use the swivel model. Like other dumpers this one has a hydraulically operated tipping and steering system. It is not only good for large jobs on construction sites, but can also be used for smaller non-commercial project. Here are some things to consider if you plan to hire or purchase a 3 ton dumper.

  • If you plan to operate this machinery you legally need to be above eighteen years old and have a full driving licence. You should have been trained in the safe operation of this vehicle, and it is a good idea to have some written confirmation from your employer saying that they are happy for you to use the dumper.

  • Always try and get the most appropriate dumper for the job you wish to undertake. The 3 ton dumper will work well for many projects, but not all. If you are going to be working in very muddy conditions then it might be more appropriate to choose something with tracks.

  • It is important that you wear the correct safety gear. This should include goggles, safety footwear, hard hat, and ear protectors.

  • It is expected that full inspection of your 3 ton dumper should occur before every use. Check for any damage or signs of wear and tear before using the machine. This can not only prevent further damage to your dumper, but it could even save lives.

  • Always make sure that the location where you are working is free of humans and animals.

  • When you are loading your skip you should ensure that the load is evenly distributed. Make sure that you donít overload as this can be dangerous and cause damage to the dumper. Never load the dumper if it is partially tipped. When loading you should try and always be on level ground with the gear in neutral and the parking brake applied.

  • Never carry passengers on your dumper.

  • You should only use the machine at night if the area is fully floodlit and you have lights on the dumper.

  • You should avoid trying to repair the dumper yourself unless you know what you are doing. If you are hiring the machine then you should attempt repairs yourself; just call the hire company and let them sort it out.

  • You should always apply the handbrake before tipping your 3 ton dumper and never allow the lip of the skip to hit the ground.

  • If you are tipping on a downward slope you will need to be extra careful; you are at risk of overbalancing.

  • Never attempt to drive the dumper if the skip is in the downward position.

  • If you are hiring a 3 ton dumper always ensure that it has been well maintained and in good working order. You are responsible for this machine while it is in you care so if it arrives with any signs of damage (dents, scrapes, and so on) make sure this is noted. If the damage is going to affect the operation of the dumper send it back.

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