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Rigid Dumper Truck Hire

Why choose a rigid dumper truck?

When considering rigid dumper truck hire you need to make sure that this is going to be the best vehicle for the job. You should be aware that the rigid dumper is not right for all projects and that there are limitations as well as advantages to this truck. This is why some people choose an articulated dumper truck, but this too has pros and cons.

  • The rigid dumper does not perform as well as the articulated dumper truck (ADT) on rough terrain. This is because the ADT has a rotating hitch between the cab and the truck and this improves manoeuvrability. The rigid dumper is best suited to smooth terrain.
  • The rigid dumper tends to be larger than other dumper trucks and so requires more storage. Its size also limits the jobs that it is capable of tackling.
  • The rigid dumper is not suited to the same variety of weather conditions as something like an ADT. This means they are not suitable in areas with extreme weather conditions.
  • Another limitation is that the rigid dumper tends to be wider than other trucks such as the ADT. This could be a problem where space is limited. It takes up a lot of road and struggles to manage small roads.
  • Rigid dumpers can manage a much bigger payload than other dumpers. Some are capable of dealing with weights up to 280 tons; an ADT can only manage about 43 tons.
  • They are a lot bigger and so can haul more than other trucks. This can mean that they can help reduce costs on jobs that are over a long time period. This is important for those considering rigid dumper truck hire and paying by the day.
  • Rigid dumpers have rear wheel drive on four wheels and are capable of much higher speeds on level surfaces than dumpers like the ADT.
  • They tend to have a longer lifespan than other trucks; they are more durable. This may not be so important if you are only interested in rigid dumper truck hire, but worth considering if you ever decide to buy.
What else should you consider when choosing rigid dumper truck hire?

If you have a job that involves a lot of material that needs to be moved then a rigid dumper will likely work well. It is important to first consider the terrain though and remember that the rigid dumper doesn’t work so well with extreme conditions. If you have soft mud then there is a risk that it will sink, and if you need a lot of manoeuvrability then you might also encounter difficulties. You should also make sure that the access roads to your site will be wide enough to accommodate this truck.

The rigid dumper does offer advantages over other trucks and hiring one can help you save a bit of money due to the fact that it can manage such bigger loads. The fact that they are more durable should also mean that there is less chance of something going wrong during your rental period.

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