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Swivel Dumper Truck Hire

Swivel dumper trucks allow for a wider range of movements than other models. This means they can handle projects where the terrain produces limitations in manoeuvrability. Like other dumper trucks they are perfect for moving waste or building materials from one area to another. Using this type of truck can make light work of many jobs on construction sites and elsewhere. There are some considerations though that should be taken into account before choosing swivel dumper truck hire.

Do you really need a swivel dumper truck?

It is always best to have the best tool for the job so spend a bit of time considering your dumper truck requirements. If you access the job correctly it will allow you to choose exactly what you need. Make a cost-benefit analysis and remember that it is usual to hire trucks by the day. This means that it doesn’t always work out cheaper to get the job done faster by hiring the biggest truck. You will also need to consider the ability of your employees to manage any dumper truck you hire.

Should you buy or hire a swivel dumper?

If this is equipment that you are going to be using a lot then it may be worth purchasing. Before doing this though, you really need to spend some time weighing up the pros and cons. If you own your dumper you will need to maintain it and it will depreciate over time. You will also be required to organize safe storage and you may need to hire a full time operator. If your dumper breaks down you will probably need to pay for it to be fixed yourself unless it is still under guarantee. This is why it often makes more economical sense to just hire a dumper when you need one.

Who is going to operate the truck?

This is an vital consideration and you need to ensure that if you are going to embark on swivel dumper truck hire that you have somebody who can handles this type of machinery. This means that not only should they have the proper licence and certification, but they are also comfortable handling this model. The swivel dumper is at risk of toppling over if not operated correctly. Operators need to be fully aware of this risk of instability and be able to move loads safely.

How to select a swivel dumper truck hire provider

It is not a good idea to just hire from the company that offers you the lowest quote. You want to make sure that any dumper truck you use has been well maintained and is in good condition. When looking at a quote it is also important that you check for any hidden costs. You should also consider such things as fuel costs as most providers will see this as your responsibility. If you can get a recommendation for a hire company then this can be worth following.

Above are just some of the things you should consider before hiring a swivel dumper truck. If used correctly this manoeuvrable dumper can be a great asset on any project.

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