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10 Ton Dumper Truck

If you want to tackle heavy loads then the 10 ton dumper truck is a good choice. This vehicle is ideal for carrying soil, or other building materials, from one place to another. Like other dumper trucks the 10 ton comes with a tipping skip for easy loading and unloading. This truck will work well on most terrain. It has its limitations though and these should be considered before buying or renting this type of vehicle.

How to decide if the 10 ton dumper truck is the best choice for you

When it comes to deciding on the appropriateness of a 10 ton you need to consider time and fuel costs. This dumper truck can carry heavier loads, but you need to take into account the amount of fuel that it will use. If you can finish a job in half a day but have hired the truck for the day anyway then having the bigger dumper might not be as cost-effective. If you have bought your own 10 ton dumper truck then fuel consumption will be an even bigger concern.

It is also important to consider how your dumper truck is going to manage the terrain on your construction site. A 10 ton might struggle on some uneven surfaces and if you are going to be dealing with a lot of mud then you may be better considering something with tracks. If you want a lot of manoeuvrability then you might be better to choose a smaller model. If you want even bigger loads then 10 tons then you could look into hiring a rigid dumper truck.

Is it better to hire or buy a 10 ton dumper truck?

If you buy your own 10 ton then it will always be there when you need it. You can class it as an asset on your company’s books. There are some advantages to owning your own dumper truck, but there are also quite a few disadvantages. You need to be using a dumper a lot for it to be worth the investment. If you need to borrow the money to finance the truck then you could be talking even larger sums; if you fail to meet all the payments you could be left with nothing. Owning your own equipment is great, but only if it is going to pay for itself. You need to decide if the investment could be better spent elsewhere in your business.

It is not only the initial costs that you have to worry about when choose to purchase your own 10 ton dumper truck. There is also the question of storage and maintenance; these will add to your costs. It is also worth remembering that the truck you buy is the one you are stuck with; at least with renting you can choose the best dumper truck to suit each project. There is also the problem of depreciation; after a few years your 10 ton dumper will start to show signs of wear and tear and it won’t be worth anywhere near the amount you originally paid for it.

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