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Mini Dumper Hire

Why should you consider mini dumper hire? A mini dumper can make light work of those tasks that involve moving material from one area to another; this can involve anything from grass to bricks and beyond. Jobs that would traditionally call for the use of a wheelbarrow, and a lot of sweat, can now be done far more efficiently. The mini dumper can not only manage loads far greater than the wheelbarrow, but are also quicker and donít involve having to use physical strength. Most mini dumpers are easy to use and some like the muck truck can have accessories added that allow them to do many other tasks. A mini dumper has a tipping mechanism which means that even emptying the material is easy. These days the mini dumper is been hired by many different types of businesses and even those who are tackling heavy household tasks are taking advantage of this energy saving device.

The benefits of a mini dumper are:
  • It saves time and money
  • It eradicates the need for physical strength
  • It is very manoeuvrable and can even fit through most doorways
  • Some mini dumpers can carry up to 10 times the weight as would be possible with a wheelbarrow
  • They can work well on all types of terrain
  • Some mini dumpers such as the muck truck have accessories that increase their functionality.
Which mini dumper should you choose?

There are a variety of mini dumpers on the market and the one to choose will very much depend on your own particular needs. For this reason you should make a full assessment of the material and loads you want the dumper to manage. Some mini dumpers can manage up to three tons while the maximum of something like a muck truck will be about 800 pounds.

Some of the bigger equipment is best used with CITB qualified operators. It is usually possible for a mini dumper hire firm to arrange an operator if you request it.

What to consider when deciding on a mini dumper hire firm
  • What type of service support do they offer? Can you contact them easily if there is a problem?
  • Are their machines well maintained?
  • Do they deliver or pick up the machinery or do you collect?
  • Does the mini dumper hire firm also rent out accessories if you should need them?
  • Is the hire firm local?
  • Is insurance offered?
  • Is there a discount offered if you rent the dumper for a longer period?
  • Is there a special weekend rate?
  • Can they provide a qualified operator for the larger dumpers?
Choosing a hire firm

As well as considering the questions above it is also worthwhile to ask for recommendations when choosing a hire firm. These days the internet is a great way of finding out about any company you are considering. Generally hire firms are easy to deal with and the rates are competitive when you consider how much it would cost to buy this machinery.

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