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6 Ton Dumper Truck

The 6 ton dumper can carry a respectable amount of material and performs well on most construction sites under a variety of conditions. They are not too big and this means that they can manage at times when the 10 ton and other big dumpers would struggle. They offer a good compromise for those who want to move more than the lighter machines can manage, but donít come with the limitations of the bigger dumper. The 6 ton dumper can also be purchased with swivel skip which gives it even more manoeuvrability and allows it to operate where space is limited.

Things to consider if you want to rent a 6 ton dumper

There are many reasons why you might choose to rent rather than buy this vehicle and here are some things to consider when deciding to rent.
  • Assess to make sure that the 6 ton will manage the job you have planned. If the terrain is muddy or otherwise difficult then you may want to consider a dumper with tracks. If you are going to be limited in space then it might be worth consider a 6 ton dumper with a skip that swivels.
  • Make sure that any dumper you hire is maintained to a high standard. You donít really want to be hiring machinery that is older ten years; you should be aiming for something less than five years old. This will prevent time delays because your 6 ton dumper keeps on breaking down or otherwise underperforms.
  • You want to make sure that the company hiring the dumper offers efficient customer service. If something goes wrong with the dumper you will want it sorted quickly so as to avoid wasting time. Make sure you enquire in to their policy as regards breakdowns. Will they be able to quickly arrange for a replacement?
  • If you are going to be hiring an operator for your 6 ton dumper it is important that you check their credentials.
  • When choosing the best quote make sure you take everything into consideration. Some hire companies offer better deals if you hire long term. Others might have really good hourly and daily rates, but donít offer discounts for longer hires. You will also want to consider the small print in any contract and make sure that you are not going to end up paying more than you planned. You should also investigate your options in regards to insurance.
  • Some hire companies can deliver the dumper right to where you want it while others will expect you to collect it and bring it back when you are finished. This might make a big difference if you are considering hiring from a company that is not local.
  • Think carefully about when to begin the rental agreement so as to get the most value out of it. You want to begin using the dumper as soon as possible and try not to have it idle for too long. Hiring a dumper on a Friday afternoon might not be such a great idea if your crew is taking the weekend off.

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